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I don’t want to be

Separated From My Kids

I sometimes ponder on how bizarre it is that it’s common practice to place many (very self-centred) toddlers in the same room for up to 11 hours, five days a week.

Every child needs a secure attachment to a loving adult. Yes, there’s proof that children can healthily develop multiple attachments. But I wonder if a 4 year old child who attended an average sized nursery (daycare center) since babyhood (and would have probably been cared for by 20-30 people over that time), would be the child the study was talking about.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think babies and young children deserve to be cared for in their own home and ideally by their parents.

At first I accepted that I would probably use some kind of childcare, at least part-time. Even though I observed that on the whole the toddlers who were in daycare part-time were more confident and in control than those there full-time, they often took months to settle when they started.

My mum (Patricia, who also created the site) pointed out that the time that your children are young is a very small percentage of your life.

I don’t want to miss any of their milestones and successes (however small) and I want to be able to comfort them when they are upset. I decided I would try my best to be able to stay home when I have children. But I still need to earn an income too.

How Can I Be There For My Children And Work?

While my mum was pretty much the other side of the world to me, working in Kuwait, she researched how to make money online. She found and read all the free e-books that Site Build It! (SBI!) offered. These e-books were very comprehensive on how to create a successful site that earned good money but it was all a bit too technical for her.

Then she found out that SBI! offered an all-in-one package that took care of a lot of the technical aspects and guided her through the rest of the process. She found out that this SBI! package includes hosting, a whole range of technical tools for no extra cost, an action guide in written and video format as well as extensive online support in their private forums.

Well, I thought it sounded brilliant. I really loved that there were so many SBI! owners raving about it. That it’s guided them to rank in the top 3% of all websites on search engines like Google, and earn them thousands. I enjoyed watching many short home videos about why people love SBI!, like this one from Nicole.

But then I thought:

Me – A Webmaster?!

I can’t write a website… I’m not a writer and having dyslexia doesn’t help either! Well, where there’s a will there’s a way. My mum offered to do it together with me. That sounded do-able. So I decided to subscribe to SBI! and that was the start of the exciting journey of Clever Toddler Activities.

I get loads of support from SBI! too. There are many experienced webmasters (who started out just like me), several staff and even the founder Ken Evoy who post very regularly in the many active SBI! forums.

There are also many articles and e-books as well as the action guide that takes a newbie (like me) by the hand throughout the whole process ending with a successful business. And it’s all included in the package (no “add-ons” or extra fees needed!) SBI! meets people where they’re at. It’s compatible with Dreamweaver and other HTML editors, but it’s handy for me that SBI! provides an easy webpage builder. Now my family basically just checks over my writing for me as they each have a website too.


For about a year I built Clever Toddler Activities while working full-time. Now I work part-time as a nanny and part-time on the site. I know that many SBIers successfully work on their sites from home as their sole source of income. I’m planning on doing just that as soon as I’m pregnant.

I’m motivated by watching Clever Toddler Activities climb the major Search Engines, steadily building traffic (even when I take breaks) and of course by earning the money to pay my bills. But most importantly I am ready to be there for my children when they arrive. SBI! gives me peace of mind about my future.

Would you like to see every smile and every milestone of your little one(s)? Or if you already do, would you like to enjoy a better income?

Click here to learn how you could be there for your kids and financially support your family as well.

SBI! even has a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. As I recommend SBI! to my family and friends, I recommend it to you too!

All the best,


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