Toddler Exercise

Fun Toddler Exercise

There are many other benefits to toddler exercise besides having him tired out for bedtime (although that one alone can be enough of a motivator, I know!).

Benefits include:

  • – Strengthening his muscles and keeping healthy.
  • – Developing hand and eye coordination.
  • – Building pathways in the brain which aids the rest of his development.
  • – Good old toddler fun!

Here are some fun games to play with toddlers that gives them great exercise.

Obstacle course

Obstacle courses can be great outdoor children games or you can create one for an active rainy day game. You could set the following suggestions one at a time or if space permits, all at once.

  • Crawling over a pile of cushions.
  • Create stepping stones from magazine or pieces of paper.
  • Make a balance board. To start with, just put a sanded down plank of wood or shelf on the floor
  • Use furniture by having him crawl under a table, climb over a stool and run/walk weaving through chairs placed in a line.

Be creative but remember to be consistent with your household rules.

Outdoor children’s games

  • A friendly game of chase.
  • Racing to objects.
  • Copying actions/exercises such as jumping, touching toes, crouching etc. (Keep in mind that 1 year olds find it hard to jump)

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Ball games

  • Rolling while sitting down (a good inside game).
  • Throwing and running after a ball.
  • Pass the ball to your 1 or 2 year old toddler.
  • Show your 3 year old how to catch a large ball.
  • Your 2 year old can start to practice kicking a large ball.
  • Toddler basketball using a laundry basket.

General toddler exercise activities

  • Good old rough and tumble.
  • Dancing – even 1 year olds can be cute dancers.
  • Party games – it’s great for your toddler to practice these at home even with just the two of you.
  • Action rhymes

I hope you enjoy playing these games with your child. As an added bonus you may shed a pound or two as well!

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