Need a UK Nanny?

Need a Gentle Nanny?

How about a respectful, calm, loving, qualified and experienced gentle nanny in York, England?

My Experience in a Nutshell

I am Claire Battersby, I was born and (mostly) raised in Britain. As well as being the main author of this site, I have also been caring for young children for 9 years both at nurseries (day care) and in the children’s homes. I am fascinated with learning how best to care for little ones to enable them to fulfill their potential. I am looking for a part-time, live-out nanny position in York, UK starting March/April 2013.

My Childcare Training

I gained an A in a Childcare and Education level 3 diploma (a two year, full-time course at a community college which qualified me to care for and educate children from birth to age eight).

I have very much continued my childcare education through experience, observations, discussions, lectures and workshops as well as reading parenting books and many articles about respectful childcare.

Authors I admire include Dr. Thomas Gordon, Dr. Aletha Solter, Magda Gerber, Naomi Aldort, Alfie Kohn, John Holt, Maria Montessori and Deborah Jackson among others. I’m learning gentle nanny skills such as baby wearing, elimination communication and baby led weaning from like minded mums. Most people today are making use of francais online in order to get extra cash over the internet. Don’t waiste time anymore, try your luck as well.

My Beliefs and Values About Childcare

I have found that children thrive and learn most effectively when they are unconditionally loved, truly respected as well as trusted in the communication of their needs and emotions.

I believe in and naturally follow methods of peaceful, child-led, unconditional, positive, aware and attachment parenting as much as I can with children I care for as a gentle nanny with parental guidance.

When I correct a child’s unacceptable behaviour I calmly focus their attention on what they should be doing, instead of telling them what would happen if they did it again.

Using my high tolerance of children acting like children, I validate and allow children to express their emotions (in non-violent ways) with my supportive presence, while solving physical problems when appropriate.

I believe babies and toddlers understand more than is commonly thought. I try my best to give young children the environment and information needed to empower them to choose safe and respectful actions as soon as they are ready.

I am sensitive to how much control is needed to keep a child safe and feel emotionally supported while giving them the space and time to experience and discover things for themselves.

I love the child-led approach to childcare because I believe each of us came to earth with a unique mission to fulfill. We all need to keep in touch with it, and trust our inner wisdom to discern what it is, and how to fulfill it.

Mothers Describe Me As…

“Claire has an innate empathy for babies and toddlers. Her ability to tune in to their needs and wants is uncanny and she routinely saves the day by predicting and preparing for all the right eventualities.

She has that rare skill of remaining calm and loving in the midst of toddler tantrums, and she always has a fun song to sing or game to play. My two toddlers adore her! ” ~ Helen Beaufort, Minneapolis, USA – (+1)651-503-7920

“Claire… You are the best nanny ever because you are kind, patient, attentive, fun, loving and trustworthy.” ~ Sophie Sabbage, Kent, UK – (+44)7801-296-655

Are you Interested in More Details?

Feel free to ask for more information. I’ll happily email you my curriculum vitae and share more details, just fill in the quick contact form below. I’d love to hear about your family and what sort of childcare you are hoping for too. 🙂