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Seasonal Toddler Activities

celebrate with seasonal toddler activities

Exploring and celebrating seasonal festivals using fun toddler activities is a great way for your toddler to learn about the world around him.

The most popular children’s holiday activities include toddler art. Here are plenty of toddler projects that fit the themes of common festivals we celebrate with children. These are brilliant activities for 2 year olds as they start to learn that objects can be symbols that represent a larger meaning. 1 year olds through 5/6 year olds can get stuck in too as the different projects are for varying ability levels.

Since there’s more to festivals than toddler art, I also suggest some other fun activities that embrace the essence of the celebrations.

Ideas for Seasonal Toddler Activities

Valentine’s Day (14 February 2012)
St. David’s Day (1 March 2012)
St. Patrick’s Day (17 March 2012)
Mother’s Day (UK: 18 2012 / USA: 13 May 2012)
Spring 20 March – 21 June (Northern Hemisphere)
Or September 22 – Dec 21 (Southern Hemisphere)
Easter (8 April 2012)
St. George’s Day (23 April 2012)
Father’s Day (17 June 2012)
US Independence Day (4 July 2012)
Halloween (31 October 2012)
Bonfire Night (5 November 2012)
Thanksgiving (22 November 2012)
St Andrew’s Day (30 November 2012)
Hanukkah (8-16 December 2012)
Christmas (25 December 2012)
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As the seasons progress and another celebration is nearing, check back to see what’s new and current. Better yet subscribe to the website’s RSS feed using the orange button at the top left (it just creates a button on your browser so you can easily see the new pages when they’re uploaded).

As I’m sure you can appreciate, seasonal and holiday themes in general are rather tricky for young children to truly understand. With that in mind, I recommend offering children simple explanations about why they’re painting an egg or a stencil of the Star of David or whatever themed activity you choose.

I hope you and your toddler have fun with these seasonal activities.

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