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Easy Free Toddler Games

I know… children are so expensive! But hey! Free toddler games are perfect ‘cos they fit any budget.

Here is a reason why free games are best anyway!

Have you studied the plastic toys your toddler has?
Collect a selection of them and compare the look and feel of each.
Do they all have a similar texture?
Do they all smell the same?

Well, your sensory investigating toddler can easily become bored with it all. Don’t worry though ‘cos we have a solution. Your toddler is on a quest to make sense of his world. You can help by giving him a safe piece of real world to play with.

Here at Clever Toddler Activities, we love free games so much that you have many options to choose from! 🙂

Pages Full of Free Toddler Activities

Things to Do With Toddlers at Home
Don’t toddler get into everything?! There’s load of constructive playthings in many homes just waiting for your toddler.

Toddler Activities in the Kitchen
It’s amazing how much pre-school science and maths can be happily discovered by using what’s in the kitchen.

Using Nature’s Gifts
Natural objects give children the largest variety of sensory experience. Why not get some fresh air too, eh? 🙂

Encouraging Imaginative and Creative Play
With readily available loose parts young children can create their own toddler activities using good old problem solving skills.

Over 20 Free Games for Toddlers
Does your toddler love using your stuff? Here’s many free toddler games that use things you probably already own.

Get Ready to Party, Anytime!
It’s a good idea to practice these toddler party games in the relaxed atmosphere of home. There’s no need at this stage, for prizes, or for children to be ‘out’ if they are last.

Easy Home Made Toys
These are a breeze to make! Basically, using household items for your toddler, free games can be made and it’s fun too. And as a bonus these valuable learning tools for your toddler just aren’t available in toy shops!

Free Games While Out and About
Our travel page has more free toddler games, which are also perfect for times when your toddler’s getting bored in a traffic jam, a restaurant, at the doctor’s or the hairdresser’s.

Would You Like Them To Play Alone?
Isn’t there just so much to do when caring for little ones?! These free toddler activities and tips help us get chores, work or even a little rest without the use of a screen.

Popular Nursery Rhymes Are Often a Saving Grace
Nursery rhymes are totally free and can really help to engage toddlers at the most boring of times.

Would You Like Free ‘On The Spot’ Activity Cards?
These handy cards remind you of activities and rhymes that can be done wherever you are and using whatever is around you. Simply sign up for Clever Toddler Activities monthly ezine Toddler Ideas and print them out. That way you can also be kept in the loop with useful toddler activities and parenting tips.