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As experts in caring for toddlers, we often get asked for toddler parenting advice alongside toddler activity recommendations. Well, it’s all very connected, isn’t it? 🙂

We’ve written these articles in response to the questions of parents who’ve visited the site and we hope you’ll find some useful tips here to apply to your family situations. There’s lots of good stuff for childcarers too, so if you’re not actually a parent, you’ll still gain a lot from reading these. Visit casinoclic if you want no more to run out of cash, this site gives you the best practice of winning cash over the internet.

Daily Routines

    • How Do You Get Through The Day? – How does this toddler parenting work? How do you get your toddler to enjoy the daily routine activities? Hey, how do you get your toddler to even do them? Well, it works best by implementing some playful parenting techniques. Toddlers need to have fun, so make each activity you have to do enjoyable. This article will give you some ideas to get you started.
    • Making Nappy Changing Fun – Trying to make your active toddler lay down even for a couple of minutes to change his nappy (diaper) can sometimes seem impossible can’t it? I have changed about 10-15 toddlers daily for years at nursery (day care). Now I care for 2-year-old twins who used to hate nappy changes. I have developed a few strategies to make this time enjoyable both for the lovely toddlers being changed as well as me.
    • Ways To Involve Your Toddler In Their Personal Care – As you’ve probably noticed, toddlers need to do things in order to learn. That’s why he’s into everything and always on the go. Have you noticed how hard it is to get him to be still when it’s time to get washed and dressed? Why not make it more fun and help him learn, by enabling him to do it himself tiny step by tiny step? This toddler parenting can be fun for both of you.
    • What are the Effects of TV on Children? – Lots of children’s programs boast educational value, yet do you ever wonder about how much little ones actually learn from TV? As babies and children move they build pathways in their brains. They learn using all their senses simultaneously with ease. Well, considering how passive watching TV is, I wondered about how the screen effects toddlers development. I did lots of research and here I’ve quoted just a few of the studies on the effects of TV on children with pediatrician’s advice.
    • Things To Do With Toddlers, When You Need To Do Something Else – These easy toddlers activities and distraction tips can help you do the chores or have a much needed rest while caring for your little one! You can also rest-assured knowing that your child will be learning and developing while they are enjoying these activities.
  • Bedtime Routine Activities – Are you finding the bedtime routine challenging? Following routines help make little ones feel secure by knowing what will happen next. Unfortunately the bedtime routine can often be hard for young children because they may feel a loss of control or boredom as they have to go through the various tasks.Fortunately toddlers can be distracted, entertained and given small tasks to help them feel more independent and capable. Every child has different needs so that’s why there are many options in this article for you to choose from.

You and Your Toddler

  • How to Handle Toddler Biting Compassionately – Toddler biting is quite a common problem. I’ve dealt with many instances of toddlers biting while working in nurseries (daycare). Because I am fascinated by children, especially toddlers, I’ve been studying in depth how they process the world around them and how we can best enable them to reach their full potential. With biting, I like to ask myself what need is being communicated and why?
  • Handling Temper Tantrums – I’ve observed that quite a few common methods of dealing with the ‘terrible twos’ not only often don’t work but make matters worse too! About a year ago I found brilliant replacement techniques for handling temper tantrums which create a much more cooperative and pleasant atmosphere while guiding little ones through appropriate toddler development. Feeling intrigued?
  • Understanding Toddler Behaviour – Toddler behaviour can challenge us as parents and carers on a daily basis. However, if we understand why something is happening the way it is we can start to face the challenges from a different perspective that can achieve more harmony all round. I think it’s handy to think about the reasons behind toddler behaviour that bug us. Let this article guide you to see behind the scenes of your parent-toddler interactions.
  • Toddler Safety and Independence: A Balancing Act – Ensuring toddler safety while letting them be independent at the same time can often seem impossible, can’t it?! Sometimes it’s like we adults and toddlers have opposite agendas, which can clash! The two-year-old twins I care for have a real urge for freedom and don’t like to be confined. This article offers some toddler parenting ideas that have worked for us in keeping them safe in public places.
  • Encouraging Toddler Cooperation – Encouraging toddler cooperation is not generally the easiest part of looking after little ones, but if it’s done in a way that is loving and respectful, it can be a very rewarding aspect of toddler parenting. Throughout the years I’ve worked with many childcare professionals, parents and grandparents. I’ve observed loads of different ways of making requests to toddlers for a wide range of reasons and situations. I’ve also personally experimented with various methods to find the most effective ones.
  • How to Cope with Toddler Behavior – Does your toddler’s behaviour push your buttons? Do you find yourself sounding just like your own parents even when you don’t want to? This page will help you become the parent you wish you really were. (You know, like the person your dog thinks you are?) Yes, really it will, and I’m not kidding. 🙂 Toddler parenting will become so much easier and fun too.

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