Creativity in Young Children

These toddler projects and play recipes are fun ways to foster creativity in young children. Here you’ll find a large variety of different creative activities for young children.


Toddler Art is More than Meets the Eye

Toddler Projects can:

  • Spark creativity in young children
  • Develop their imagination
  • Give a voice for emotions and feelings before and even after speech develops
  • Reduce frustration and build confidence
  • Premote greater control over their bodies
  • Strengthen their hands for writing later

Creative Toddler Projects

Introducing your toddler to art may seem like a daunting prospect, but I believe that the benefits of toddler art are totally worth the clean up. Find out which types of art supplies for little ones are most creative.

Here are toddler craft activities that explore different techniques, which are great preschool ideas too. These toddler projects create perfect cards and presents for family and friends.

For some family gift and card ideas suited to particular times of the year, peruse our seasonal toddler activities section to find celebratory craft ideas that will help your toddler have fun and learn about cultural events along the way.

Home made musical instruments are especially good activities for 2 years olds and above. These creative activities for young children introduce the concept of making things to use, rather than just to look at.

Dancing to and making music is not only fun, it is yet another way to express emotions and creativity in young children. Showing your little one ways to channel their negative feelings into positive outcomes will help your toddler’s behaviour.

Parenting Tip for your toddler: Would you love to keep all your toddler’s craft but don’t have the space to store them? Take photos of his master pieces and keep them tucked away in your computer. It’s easier to take a trip down memory lane and see their progress this way even if you do have the space.

These creative activities for young children can be a lovely bonding time while you join in the fun and create lasting memories together. These art and craft activities provide the important benefits of creativity to little ones, which are listed above.

These toddler cooking activities ignite creativity in young children. They also teach children many practical skills and often encourage those fussy eaters to try healthier meals and snacks.

Why is Imaginative Play Important?

Encouraging imaginative play can help little ones develop:

  • Self confidence, self esteem and self worth
  • ‘Out of the box’ problem solving skills
  • A greater understanding of how the world works
  • Social and language skills, even while playing alone
  • Emotional understanding and safe release of negative energy
  • Literacy, mathematical and scientific knowledge
  • Joy and love of learning

Creative Play Recipes

Encouraging imaginative play promotes creativity in young children. Here’s some ideas of things to do with toddlers that spark imaginative play.

Sensory activities also encourage creativity in young children. There are so many options of what could be included as well as how children can choose to use them.

Natural free toddler games can be great creative outlets and tools for imaginative play.

These toddler activities use safe equipment that is available in many kitchens. As in many of the activities on this site, they also empower little ones to express their preferences about how the items are used.

Our pages on constructive playthings and easy home made toys share creative and proven ways in which everyday items can become creative early childhood activities.

So, go ahead, choose your favourite toddler projects and play recipes then inspire creativity in the young children in your life. I hope you also enjoy doing these toddlers activities with your little one.