Exploring Science

Exploring Preschool Science

Everyone takes part in preschool science in the first few years of life at bath-time or at the beach. Sand and water play can help children understand so many basic scientific and mathematical concepts which are the building blocks for all the rest.

As I’m sure you’ve discovered, babies and toddlers look with their hands as much as their eyes and often with their mouths’ too. That’s because using all their senses is the most effective way to soak up all the knowledge around them. Your toddler’s main daily mission is to make sense of the world they experience. To them, playing is learning. So if playing means also learning, don’t miss the chance to try your luck by playing some online casino game by visiting www.casinofrancaisonline.fr.



Sense-ational Discoveries

Sensory activities are all about the doing! Great for active learners with short attention spans! We’re talking about sand and water, here but much more than that too.

If your toddler usually dashes about, spending very little time actually sitting down with a toy, then you might want to give this a try. We’ve often noticed that these toddlers sit or stand for long periods and actually concentrate (by toddler standards) on sensory play. It is often the only time you will see them being still!

Toddlers are so inquisitive. Everything is new to them. They learn best by first-hand experience. Sensory activities teach the basics of science, cooking, mathematics and common knowledge in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Sand, Water & More

Of course you know that they love playing with sand and water. So expand the possibilities for learning and fun by giving them different things to do with these media. Use their other toys or objects about the house to create whole new experiences in the sand and water. Why not explore some new ideas for sand play and then see what you can do to encourage learning with water play?

Sensory exploration doesn’t stop with sand and water either. There are lots of other substances your child will love playing with. Go for a variety of consistency, texture and look.

There are so many ideas for sensory activities that we have devoted a whole page to them. But to wet your appetite how about shaving foam? Or gloop? Or potting compost, or gelatin, or…? Click here for more sensory activities.

For more sensory activities ideas, check out toddlers activities using sensory play. Most of them are toddler free games and Montessori sensorial activities too simply using common household items!

Discovering Nature

Nature also provides rich lessons in preschool science. Children are often fascinated by natural objects that can be found on a walk in woods or on beaches.

For ideas of what to do with all the pine cones and shells your child has collected, take a look at our natural free games page.

Kitchens are Fantastic Pre-School Science Resources!

Little ones benefit so much from kitchen toddler activities. It’s amazing how much preschool science and maths is happily discovered by exploring safe items in the kitchen.

Cooking activities are yet another brilliant source of preschool science. They teach children so many practical skills and encourage those fussy eaters to try something new. Cooking together also creates fun and loving memories for you all. Why not have a go at these healthy cooking activities with your little one?

I hope you have as much fun with these preschool science activities as your toddler or preschooler. I know I do. 🙂