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When your toddler’s fussing, whining or about to throw a huge tantrum, do you find it hard to think of on the spot activities you could distract him with?

I know there’s times when I do, when there’s so many emotions flying around the place. Sometimes I find myself sounding exactly like my mother and then think… ‘oh no! I used to hate that!’

Wouldn’t you love to transform your toddler’s behaviour and home atmosphere into a more positive one? Simply letting your toddler pick out a activity card could really help.

‘On the Spot Toddler Entertainment’ activity cards share free toddler games and rhymes that you can do wherever you and your toddler are.

So they’re also perfect for:

  • Travel
  • Waiting rooms and long queues/lines
  • Restaurants
  • When she wants all the toys in the shop/store
  • Hospital visits
  • Whenever she’s bored
  • Right before visitors arrive (no mess!)
  • The mad time in the evening before dinner
  • Or any time really

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